About Telemetry

The Telemetry sub-team is providing the wireless link between the SlugSat and our ground station at UCSC. Our primary focus this year is selecting an appropriate transceiver, interfacing it with the On Board Computer to facilitate the transmission of science and system data.

Also making an experiment to prove the effects of Doppler Shifting are insignificant to whichever transceiver we choose.


Edison Grauman - SlugSat Project Lead and Telemetry Lead:

Working on the satellite and ground statin transceiver hardware including antenna duplexer, antenna etc.


primary focuses on telemetry;

Nathen Ly - Hardware Lead

In charge of designing the required hardware for both satellite and ground station transceiver systems, focusing on the amplification and filtering stages of the system.

Aaron Wood - Software Lead

packet procol and encoding

interfacing transceivers with satellite and groundstation

user interface



Since a primary deliverable is the science experiment, this requires a method for the ground station to be able to receive the data to bring to S.C.I.P.P. for analysis. The telemetry team is responsible for creating a system that will help facilitate the transmission of science and system data between the satellite and ground station. Specifically, the required circuitry and packet protocol are the main focuses of the team.